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       Boaffliction was founded in 2012 when we redesigned our projects to focus primarily on high end, patterned and colored boa morphs.

With an idea, and a high interest loan from Capital One, we set out to try our luck with the VPI line. As time went on, we began to change our focus 100% on what we liked first, and then, what we thought might have some legs as time went on.

Since then, we have had a number of successes, as well as some unexpected twists. We hope this will continue into 2019 as the trials continue.

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—Boaffliction Collection—


  • Aztec Fire 50% Het BEA
  • IMG RLT Het Kahl
  • IMG RLT Kahl Albino
  • Fire 50% Het BEA
  • Princess Diamond
  • IMG RLT Hypo Het Kahl
  • IMG RLT Kahl Albino
  • Aztec VPI T+ 50% Het BEA
  • Super Aztec BEA Het VPI T+

High End Colored and Patterned Boa Constrictor Breeder

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