• Princess Diamond

    This season we are 99% (100% now!) sure we have babies brewing and they are expected mid to late May (oops…July 6th!). There’s a 50/50 (100% now!) chance we will have white snakes after 2 years of trying. There’s also a (100%) chance we will have Aztec Fires. Both will be vindications for fruitless attempts in the past. If an Aztec Fire pops out, this will take the BEA program down a whole new path. Needless to say, we are on edge in anticipation of what may come!

  • VPI and Kahl BEA

    From our very first litter in 2012, we unknowingly were implementing the ground work for a new and exciting project. We had numerous breedings since, with VPI T+, Kahl Albinos and Hypo genes. Finally, in 2014, we were able to breed siblings to each other in hopes of passing down their unusually high red color saturations. In Jan of 2015 we were rewarded with great odds of hitting on not only the color, but the VPI T+ as well!! What we weren’t expecting was the Aneries that popped up…..and they had 8 Ball Eyes. So, we not only hit on the T+, we hit on BEA!!  It was later learned the BEA gene stemmed from the Aztec Sire in 2012. That same Aztec has produced many babies from many different breeding programs. So, the BEA gene is in many of the programs we are working on today. Our next attempts will be to prove out a few of the Kahls and Hytecs we have.  Please stay tuned…

  • IMG

    Late to the game, it was worth the plunge!! In 2015, I was out of work, funds at an all time low and the job search not promising. There was no sense in me being in my position to be investing into any new projects. But I did! And it has paid off greatly as we had our first IMG litter that produced some healthy fat babies with a high visual ratio!! This project will be one of my favorites, hands down! No guts, not glory.

  • Wait for it…..

    In 2018, there will be new and totally different project pairings, as well as repeats.

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